Tuesday, May 31, 2016

You CAN Have Great Skin! Follow These Tips

The largest organ of your body is the skin and people see that first. It's easy to see why great skin is so important. Get the most beautiful skin possible, both now and in the future, by following these proven skincare tips. If you have a pimple, dab some apple cider vinegar on to the pimple to reduce the duration of the blemish. This treatment can make dry skin softer and it also soothes skin. It is best to try this during the day in order to keep the strong vinegar scent off your bed linens. When applying sunscreen, use a makeup sponge. The sponge will spread the sunscreen more evenly and you won't have to touch the lotion. When you dab with a sponge, you allow the sunscreen to enter your skin more thoroughly. TIP! Avoid using too much makeup when you suffer from acne. Many types of foundation, concealer and powder can build up in your pores. Don't drink! It is okay to have one a day, but remember that alcohol makes pores larger, and it leaves excess oil on the skin. This can find out more at You CAN Have Great Skin! Follow These Tips

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