Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your Questions About Caribbean Vacations

David asks…

Caribbean vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the cheepest but still nice caribbean island vacation

Tim answers:
One of the cheApest Caribbean islands is Dominican Republic and that is because of the exchange rate. Another one is Jamaica and Trinidad because you can get more for your dollar. Trinidad is 6 to $US.

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Your Questions About Carnival Fantasy

Lisa asks…

Jamaica in April?
I would like to visit Jamaica this April. However, I have been getting mixed reviews. I would like to know if Jamaica's carnival is worth the trip, how dangerous it is, how is the nightlife, and if there are any other tips I should know? How bad is the gang violence there? Also I have been to St. Martin's, Anguilla's, and many West Indian carnivals in the US, is Jamaica's anything like theirs? Oh by the way I am not planning to be in some man made

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Questions About Alaska Cruises From Seattle

William asks…

Do I need Transit Visa or Tourist Visa for Canada if I am taking a cruise to Alaska from Seattle?
I am taking an Alaskan cruise from Seattle and this cruise stops for 2-3 hours in Victoria (Canada). I am an Indian Citizen on H1B visa in USA. Do I need to apply for a tourist visa for Canada or will transit visa be enough? Thanks for your replies.

Tim answers:
I believe that you will need a tourist visa for Canada. The transit visa will allow you to

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Your Questions About Carnival Cruises

Michael asks…

What are the best things to do on Carnival cruises?
Im going on a western Carribian cruise on carnival. What are some of the best activities i could do on the ship?

Tim answers:
Looks like your first cruise (saw an earlier question on what to pack). First off, go to CruiseCritic.com and explore the boards there. There's a lot of info on the ports, the ships and lots of tips from experienced cruisers.
On the ship, you'll probably spend the first two

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Your Questions About Mexico Cruises

Jenny asks…

what is the status of cruises going to mexico with swine flu?
Me and some friends were really wanting to take a cruise to mexico around august, but are carnival and royal carribean (our two options) still stopping in mexican ports? If they arnt, are they being redirected anywhere else?

Tim answers:
Carnival says they are going back to Mexico.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Questions About Holland America Alaska Shore Excursions

David asks…

Have you ever been on a Holland America Alaska/Yukon cruisetour?
I am planning to do the HAL Alaska cruisetour #5 and would like some information/advice about this tour...such as what hotel room to request or avoid, what excursion is a must, what the food is like, and does buying a a more expensive cabin or verandah/balcony on board ship mean you'll get better Hotel/Lodge accomodations on shore? I would like to hear both positive and negative

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Your Questions About Charleston, South Carolina

Ken asks…

Has anyone been to charleston south carolina?
I am going to charleston south carolina next month, and I want to know (besides the beach) what activities are there to do? My nephew's baseball team is playing in a little league world series and I am not planning on going to all the games.

Thank you for all of your responses.

Tim answers:
I live here in Beautiful Charleston! What exactly are you interested in...there is alot of historical sites to see.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Questions About Luxury Cruises

Laura asks…

What are the best luxury Bahamas Cruises?
We want to take such a cruise with a friend (two singles) between March 1st and 10th. We are looking at a four day cruise maximum, departing from Miami.

Tim answers:
Why not an island?

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Your Questions About Cheap Carnival Cruises

George asks…

Where to find a cheap Carnival cruise that goes to 2-3 Caribbean countries in June or July? Which websites?
My large family and I wanna go (country/island-hopping) to 2-3 places in the Caribbean (i.e. from Florida to Jamaica to Mexico all in one) for 4-5 nights, but we we wanna go on any fun Carnival cruise ship or the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. We wanna do this late June or early to late July/early August before school starts. Where can I find cheap cruises

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Your Questions About Cruise Insurance

Mark asks…

cruise insurance?
i was wondering if travel or cruise insurance is worth the money if your planning to drive to fla to get to ship. i have heard thats its not worth the money what do you all think? thanks every one .

Tim answers:
I would not pay for a cruise without it. There's always the threat of Hurricane. Or you could get sick. Or there could be a family emergency. Or you just may need to reschedule. Insurance only has a bad rap

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your questions about cruise activities onboard

Donna asks…

what activities can I find onboard a cruise for a 3 year old?
We'd like to go on our first cruise with carnival (from Galveston) with a 3 year old. I've heard that they have a camp for kids, but I do not want to leave my kid there by herself. Will I find any activities for her without the camp? (exept the pool).

Tim answers:
Carnival is the best for families. The camp is very flexible, you can use it for an hour or a whole day, no need to leave the

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Your Questions About Carnival Single Cruises

George asks…

question about single occupancy on cruises?
i used to go on carnival cruises all the time, i like to have my own room and since it was only a little above double occupancy i was happy. but now carnival has changed their policy and a single occupancy has to pay double- are all cruise lines like that? thanks!!

Tim answers:
It is the norm on nearly all cruise lines to charge a single traveller, (175%) nearly double for a cabin.
There are still some

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Questions About Holland America Cruise Ships Review

John asks…

what cruise line would be best?
between Costa, Royal Carribian, carnival, MSC, Princess, and Holland America. those are the crise lines i am trying to choose between. after im done high school im gonna take a month of two of, travel all around Europe, and i want to start it off with a Mediterranean cruise. iv listen the cruise lines im considering above in order of my preference ( Costa being most proffered, and Holland America being most disliked of that list.) iv

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Your Questions About Best Cruise Line

Sandra asks…

What is the best cruise line at a decent price?
I'm looking to take a cruise for 3 people that isn't too expensive but I'm afraid that if I choose a cheap cruise line I won't get a quality cruise. About 3 years ago I went on a Holland America cruise and absolutely LOVED it but it's a little out of my price rang right now. Any suggestions for a fun, reliable, cruise line that is a decent price?

Tim answers:
Holland America may not be out of your price

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Your questions about new carnival cruise ships

Steven asks…

Where do you go to board a Carnival cruise ship in New Orleans?
I'm leaving on a cruise out of New Orleans in 12 hours and I don't know where to go! Carnival.com was absolutely no help! I've been to the port before but I need accurate directions b/c I get lost in my backyard!

Tim answers:
The cruise terminal is at the upriver end of the Convention Center. I am almost certain the Carnival ships board there also.
Given the time of day, call the

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Questions About Caribbean Cruises

Helen asks…

What's BETTER royal caribbean or carnival cruises?
Which is more fun? Which is cheaper? Me and my friend are teenagers and want to cruise together this summer, which is cheaper but funner?

Tim answers:
There are people who believe Carnival is better, and people who believe that Royal Caribbean is better. Carnival is usually less expensive.
A side note: I do hope you and your friend are planning to have an adult at least age 25 booked in the cabin

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Your questions about caribbean discount cruises

Ken asks…

Caribbean Cruise Discount May/June?
I'm getting married May 30, 2009 and for our honeymoon my fiancee and I want to take a 5-7 day cruise to the caribbean (preferably the western caribbean). Does anyone know if booking later would get us a better price or if there are any discounts for cruises right now out there? I'm a student, but I do not know if there's any discounts for that. Also my parents are Auto Club members (I don't know if they book it for us if they

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Your questions about cruise insurance coverages

James asks…

I want to buy trip insurance for a cruise, but I haven't booked my airfare yet.?
Should I buy a policy for only the cost of the cruise, and later contact the insurer to amend the coverage once I've added airfare? Or should I "guesstimate" the cost of airfare and buy a policy for that amount? Or do you have any other suggestions?? Thanks!

Tim answers:
You can guestimate the cost of the air, I would even go a little over, and then add the airlines to

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your questions about holland america european cruises

Robert asks…

Holland America cruise question?
I'm going on a European cruise on holland America this summer. Since it will be summer vacation, will there be more kids cause I heard it was a more "old fart" type of ship. How many children/teens will be on the ship? Is it easy to make friends on the ship? I'm 13 by the way.

Tim answers:
In the summer, there will probably be plenty of kids because they are off from school. It's during the fall and spring that there

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Your questions about carnival wedding cruises

Mandy asks…

what to expect on a carnival cruise wedding?
I want to get married at a stop but on the ship while at the stop. Im looking in april on a 4 night cruise and i want to know what to expect on the day of the wedding. I would like to have it in the evening but im not sure what to do about dinner? Im having hourdourves and the 1 and 1/2 open bar but i dont want to go to the dinning hall where everyone else will be i would like something more formal or should i have

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Your questions about port of charleston

Mandy asks…

the direction from Rock Hill to Charleston Port?

Please advise the distance from Rock Hill to Charleston Port and map of the direction.

Tim answers:

1: Start out going SOUTHWEST on OAKLAND AVE S / US-21 BR toward MAIN ST E. Continue to follow OAKLAND AVE S. (<0.1 miles)

2: Turn LEFT onto BLACK ST E. (1.6 miles)

3: Turn RIGHT onto PORTER RD. (1.3 miles)

4: Merge onto I-77 S toward COLUMBIA. (75.0 miles)

5: Merge onto I-26 E via the exit on the

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