Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your questions about holland america european cruises

Robert asks…

Holland America cruise question?
I'm going on a European cruise on holland America this summer. Since it will be summer vacation, will there be more kids cause I heard it was a more "old fart" type of ship. How many children/teens will be on the ship? Is it easy to make friends on the ship? I'm 13 by the way.

Tim answers:
In the summer, there will probably be plenty of kids because they are off from school. It's during the fall and spring that there

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Your questions about carnival wedding cruises

Mandy asks…

what to expect on a carnival cruise wedding?
I want to get married at a stop but on the ship while at the stop. Im looking in april on a 4 night cruise and i want to know what to expect on the day of the wedding. I would like to have it in the evening but im not sure what to do about dinner? Im having hourdourves and the 1 and 1/2 open bar but i dont want to go to the dinning hall where everyone else will be i would like something more formal or should i have

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Your questions about port of charleston

Mandy asks…

the direction from Rock Hill to Charleston Port?

Please advise the distance from Rock Hill to Charleston Port and map of the direction.

Tim answers:

1: Start out going SOUTHWEST on OAKLAND AVE S / US-21 BR toward MAIN ST E. Continue to follow OAKLAND AVE S. (<0.1 miles)

2: Turn LEFT onto BLACK ST E. (1.6 miles)

3: Turn RIGHT onto PORTER RD. (1.3 miles)

4: Merge onto I-77 S toward COLUMBIA. (75.0 miles)

5: Merge onto I-26 E via the exit on the

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